Top 5 unintentionally camp films

Well hello sailor. In honour of upcoming gay festival PrideLondon, my local cinema has announced it will be screening ’10 Camp Films Everyone Should See’. As the picturehouse is practically next door to a fairly hardline church, I’m waiting to see whether a Father Ted-style protest will break out.

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Want a promotion? Get a beard

Beards: helping you climb the corporate ladder

It’s official: beards are for winners.

That’s according to scientists from Northumbria University, anyway. They conducted a study which indicates that men admire other men’s beards – so much so that having a beard could even give you an advantage in the jobs market.

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People say romance is in store

“Can I get a stud check on aisle 4, please?”

Going shopping will never seem the same again. According to my friend, who’s doing a doctorate in evolutionary psychology, statistics show that the supermarket ranks among the top places where people first meet their partners.

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A quick word

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